Outsourcing: The Turbo-booster for Productivity


You have a growing business and it’s fun and exciting! Or maybe you are hoping to start a small business and it all sounds great…but, how in the world do you manage all the tasks involved? And how do you avoid getting overwhelmed by everything from the customer service and social media to the mundane stuff like accounting and taxes?

There have been many times on my business journey where I felt overwhelmed by all the things on my to-do list. But through trial and error, I found that outsourcing wasn’t just some mythical experience uber successful entrepreneurs boasted about, it was something easy to do and a must have in the tool box of any multi-tasking momma and entrepreneur!

It still surprises me in this day and age that more people aren’t aware of the power and affordability of outsourcing. One of the key components of our ability to grow the business so quickly was the willingness to let go of some of the functions of the business. (Want to know more about my business? Read my story, here).

For me this was very intimidating at first, imagine someone else doing the customer service for our products? I mean, how could anyone know our products the way I do? How would they be able to answer questions the exact way I would want them to? For someone like me who likes to have control over as much as possible, giving away control over the running of our business was downright scary.

But in order to get out of my own way, it had to happen. So for our business, the first place to start was customer service. I did some research and found that the best way to convey any and all information to our first customer service representative (CSR) was to have customer service manual. Now, I thought, how do I write that? It was actually pretty simple, I made a list of all of our products, wrote down frequently asked questions we received from customers and then jotted down how I would respond. I also put together  list of general questions and responses to those as well. And, voila!, we had a legit customer service manual to hand off to our first CSR. But where in the world do I find one?

Enter Upwork.com (formerly odesk.com). Upwork is a site filled with freelancers and subcontractors for anything you can imagine online, from customer service to marketing and facebook advertising, we suddenly had access to affordable employees all around the world.

Training our new customer service rep was pretty straight forward and it freed up an amazing amount of time for us in the business. Soon we had a full time customer service representative, social media marketer and various other areas of expertise.

This was a huge boon for me in the department of productivity. Giving up the ownership of these tasks and truly things I did not enjoy, really helped me focus on the big picture. I suddenly had more time to imagine new channels for growth and work on designs for new products. It gave me an incredible amount of focus to use towards actually growing the revenue for the business.

Are you read to get some not-s0-fun task off of your plate? There are some great resources that are affordable and help you run your business smoothly. Here’s a quick overview:

  1. Upwork.com – This is my go-to resource for outsourcing. You can post a job with your exact needs or you can search for a speciality in your area of need. I have used Upwork.com for everything from Graphic Design to Social Media Management.
  2. LogoTournament.com – When I am launching a new brand logo tournament is a great place to start and get lots of different ideas and options. Always make sure you go into greater detail on exactly what you are looking for a logo in order to make sure you get exactly what you have envisioned.
  3. Fiverr.com – This service covers a variety of specialities for all things online–all at around $5. I have used them for 3D renderings and even copy writing.
  4. ProductPhotography.com – If you have a physical product you are selling online, using this company is a must! They do an excellent job of creating a product photo that is crisp, clear and well lit. Your main photo with a white background will typically run around $100. I have had great results with this service.


I hope these resources help you to get started on your next project or take some work off your plate! I would love to hear your feedback..as well as what your go-to resources are in the comments below.